I L❤ve CS 1.6

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I'm mainly focusing on memes reviving that true classical and nostalgic Counter Strike 1.6 gameplay we used to have back in the day as little children. With countless amounts of servers around ran by immatured, mental and psychotic kids who have no idea what they are doing is just utterly disgusting for anyone on the way. This is where we show up to give you a server to play with peace of mind like back in the old days, but even better with newer technologies available today.

Some of the features I needed to highlight:

  • Classic maps and gameplay
  • Server-side anti wall and aim protection
  • Frequently monitored for stability issues
  • No unfair kicks or bans and freedom of speech
  • No stupid restrictions or limitations
  • Updated with the latest ReHLDS release
  • Follow and contact me @GadenCS


In order to ensure that everything is under control and fair, I enforce anyone and everyone who joins my server to follow these rules mentioned below;

  • No one is allowed to use any type of cheats
  • No one is allowed to spam chat
  • No one is allowed to abuse other players for any matter
  • No one is allowed to stay idle for more than 6 minutes
  • No one is allowed to evade their temporary ban
  • Everyone should chat in English language

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